Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Jelutong Food Fare

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Another hawker food night with Mum and Dad...went to their recommended place in Jelutong.
They craved for this fried oyster (Or Chien) here...said it was one of their favourite ones :)
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The Fried Oyster - RM4
Definitely good; reasonably priced for this serving and generous servings of oysters:)
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Daddy said it'll taste nicer if take away; coz of the banana leaf; which will exude a certain fragrant aroma to it:)

This is the Hokkien Char...RM3
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Also tried some Seafood Lok Lok
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Little Genting (non-halal post:p)

When Mum and Dad were here, we went for some hawker food (they craved for the local delights) despite my suggestions for nicer restaurants and western dining:P
So, brought them to this Little Genting place in Island Glades.
Corner coffee shop - with varieties of local food.
Friend told me it was supposed to be famous for Chee Cheong Fun (but it was closed that day).
Even the popiah sold out...
So we ordered this....
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Dad's Braised Pork ribs noodles in herbal soup...Rm3.50
He liked it....Mum also commented was not bad.

Mum's Fish & Chips
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Side order of Satay Fun Cheong (Literally translated as intestines...yewwww.....)
YUCKS.....just look at pics...
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Peanut sauce...
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My barley drink...
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Pat poh drink
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Ice Ice Baby Update

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Friend ordered this Choc Brownie smoothie or something...basically the cup was lined with the chocolatey strips...and then blended with milk or something.
I didn't try..too gooey for me:p (No offense meant:p)

And this was the hot harsmar lotus soup with red dates.....oooo..very nice.
Hehe...good for ladies:)
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Midlands Court Revisited

Ordered the sliced fish with celery....RM20
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And this was our anticipated seafood tofu but this round, they gave us another type.
Nevertheless, it was quite smooth as well...homemade beancurd I think...also Rm10 (of course with seafood will be even more worth it:)
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Sun City Cafe in Tanjung Tokong

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Went to this food court which was slightly hidden in near Fettes Park.
Ordered poh piah (famous from Anson Road ooo....)
No seafood poh settled for the normal one....not bad lar:)
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Ordered fish meat with vermicelli again...
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And this was the char koay teow...FoodBuddy must be hungry:p
Quite oily though...Rm3.50
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Yellow Cup cakes

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This is one of my favourite Yellow Cup Cakes; basically with eggs (don't really like eggs that much) but somehow this smells like the CNY Kueh Bangkit cookies:p
Anyway, only can see this around when it's the 1st or 15th of the lunar month:)

Hawker Food pics

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Went to Sin Kim San again.....

My carrot juice drink (smelt of lime:p)
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Popiah.....Rm1.30 also...pricey....
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Hokkien Prawn Mee....looks so spicy...RM3.50
There's also mantis prawns in this...really hot red and spicy...
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Kopitiam Talk

Went to an afternoon kopitiam in Pulau Tikus; opposite the Immaculate Conception Church for lunch.
My drink; Ambra with sour plum juice...
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Iced Tea (Teh Peng)
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Popiah (RM1.30)- quite pricey for such a small roll (only cut into 3 pieces)
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Fish meat with vermicelli... RM6 (added fish)
The fish were deep fried first; actually quite nice (but I think they used those frying powder for fried chicken too).
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Some drinks

Just took some colorful pics; which I found quite endearing...when I ordered these drinks in Kocha:P
My Kiwi Fruit Juice with black pearls:)
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And this was the papaya milk with pearls too:)
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Marble Goby!!

I have to blog about this EXPENSIVE experience of ours.
Went to that ZhongHua again for dinner; this time aiming for 2 dishes since we do not want to overstuff ourselves.
Okay, I still remembered it was raining that day and there was this elderly man who came to take our orders (rather haughty if I remembered correctly>:(
We ordered the teppanyaki tofu this round (since our nice experience the other time...the beancurd with seafood) and also steamed red snapper fish.
Soon after, he came and told us that red snapper was out of stock and whether it was okay to change to the Marble Goby (In Hokkien, it was Lam Ko)...also within the same price range; RM8 per 100g.
I was a little hesitant but somehow FoodBuddy said OK.(he doesn't really know about fish in detail anyway, not his fault).

OKAY, now to the blunder No.1
Our hot plate beancurd came with minced meat!!!! Yikes, we forgot to tell them that we didn't want meat:(
Anyway, this was just plain horrible!! Hated it; couldn't stand the smell of it:(
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After that, we were made to wait for 30 minutes or more for our 2nd dish.
Oh by the way, let me mention that there were only 2 tables in the restaurant at that time.
AND, they served the other table first...that was already frustrating enough.
When we waited for more than 30 minutes, they told us that steamed fish takes longer....
YEAH right...what kind of chef who steams for so long???
It should take a short time with careful watch to maintain the smooth they know anything???
Really frustrated....then the fish came....
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I had that weird feeling that this fish is going to cost a lot...
However,thank God that it tasted quite good although really bony. I was discussing and wondering whether this was one of my fave fish (most expensive one)...the Soon Hock fish...coz it kinda looks familiar...and the name itself also, sounded so exquisite.
We found out soon enough; the bill came to about RM200.....
The fish costed about RM80+++...and yes, I learnt that it was indeed Soon Hock!!!!
We were so shocked and angered; still wondering whether that fish was 700-800g!!! It was such a small fish!
YES, it tasted good but we kinda felt cheated.
We were served complimentary dessert; groundnut paste (mum's fave) but we left it there.
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REALLY EXPENSIVE dinner....worse than the Fisherman's Wharf we went to last time...
Am going to boycott them....service was really bad that day....
BUT I learnt something though, Goby is Soon Hock....
By the way, despite the price of this fish (expensive), it's actually quite UGLY in appearance.
However, the texture is very smooth and there's lots of bones...and it's sweet when steamed in the right way.
EXPENSIVE lesson:(

Tai Chow in Tanjung Bungah

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After some time, we went to this Tai Chow place we used to go for dinner.
Prices here are reasonably cheap although the food quality is inconsistent sometimes:p
Forgot to take the pics...these were the only ones I have:p
Beancurd in little wok (supposedly told us it was claypot:P)
RM7 I think; generous servings of vegetables and the beancurd:)
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My barley drink:)
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Breakfast with Buddy!

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Good Friend Nick was here in Penang for business trip again!! :D
So, we met up for mass and then went on for breakfast.
I was scratching my head for places...and he wanted some local delights (just like my bro:p)
So, I recalled there was this busy market with lots of bustling coffee shops and hawker stalls around.
We went there and tolerated to sit near the Char Koay Teow stall which tempted Nick to have a plate of Char Koay Teow himself.
**Char Koay Teow is a local Malaysian delight which is basically flat rice noodles fried in black soy sauce, topped with bean sprouts, spring onions, fish slices and shrimps.
Since it was quite packed and Nick wanted to find something I prefer too, we left that shop and wandered.
Haha...then we went back since he was craving for the CKT:)
And so, this was the plate...haha..he was so happy there were those preserved/waxed pork...."lap cheong" (Chinese Sausages).
So kind of him to let me take a pic of his food:)
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This is the bean curd with brown sugar bought from a nearby van...RM1.20.
So-so only...
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