Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Marble Goby!!

I have to blog about this EXPENSIVE experience of ours.
Went to that ZhongHua again for dinner; this time aiming for 2 dishes since we do not want to overstuff ourselves.
Okay, I still remembered it was raining that day and there was this elderly man who came to take our orders (rather haughty if I remembered correctly>:(
We ordered the teppanyaki tofu this round (since our nice experience the other time...the beancurd with seafood) and also steamed red snapper fish.
Soon after, he came and told us that red snapper was out of stock and whether it was okay to change to the Marble Goby (In Hokkien, it was Lam Ko)...also within the same price range; RM8 per 100g.
I was a little hesitant but somehow FoodBuddy said OK.(he doesn't really know about fish in detail anyway, not his fault).

OKAY, now to the blunder No.1
Our hot plate beancurd came with minced meat!!!! Yikes, we forgot to tell them that we didn't want meat:(
Anyway, this was just plain horrible!! Hated it; couldn't stand the smell of it:(
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After that, we were made to wait for 30 minutes or more for our 2nd dish.
Oh by the way, let me mention that there were only 2 tables in the restaurant at that time.
AND, they served the other table first...that was already frustrating enough.
When we waited for more than 30 minutes, they told us that steamed fish takes longer....
YEAH right...what kind of chef who steams for so long???
It should take a short time with careful watch to maintain the smooth they know anything???
Really frustrated....then the fish came....
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I had that weird feeling that this fish is going to cost a lot...
However,thank God that it tasted quite good although really bony. I was discussing and wondering whether this was one of my fave fish (most expensive one)...the Soon Hock fish...coz it kinda looks familiar...and the name itself also, sounded so exquisite.
We found out soon enough; the bill came to about RM200.....
The fish costed about RM80+++...and yes, I learnt that it was indeed Soon Hock!!!!
We were so shocked and angered; still wondering whether that fish was 700-800g!!! It was such a small fish!
YES, it tasted good but we kinda felt cheated.
We were served complimentary dessert; groundnut paste (mum's fave) but we left it there.
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REALLY EXPENSIVE dinner....worse than the Fisherman's Wharf we went to last time...
Am going to boycott them....service was really bad that day....
BUT I learnt something though, Goby is Soon Hock....
By the way, despite the price of this fish (expensive), it's actually quite UGLY in appearance.
However, the texture is very smooth and there's lots of bones...and it's sweet when steamed in the right way.
EXPENSIVE lesson:(

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