Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Little Cottage 2

I came to this place during Valentine's Day; the branch of the popular Little Cottage along Burmah Road. This is the one near the Botanical Gardens.
Went for a movie with bro and FoodBuddy and we opted for this place.
Bro ordered the salmon set with creamy sauce; and he gets the soup and buns for starters.
This is his soup....creamy mushroom soup.
It was on the average as bro mentioned it was slightly diluted.
And this was his basket of buns :)
He liked it and enjoyed his buns; taking my portion as well:p
Our drinks:
FoodBuddy ordered the Mixed Fruit Punch or something of that nature and it was nice!!
I liked it:) It had a very distinct aroma of strawberries....ooooohhhh!!!
I live for strawberries :D
This is my carrot juice.
Such a small glass......so unfair; comparing to the Fruit Punch:(
And this was too bright...hehe; bro's Salmon steak:)
So-so only; overcooked Salmon:p
FoodBuddy's fish fillet; can't remember the fish he ordered:p
My favourite; the Oriental Fish fillet served in sizzling plate or teppanyaki style...
However, this outlet was not as good as the original one in Burmah Road.
I would still prefer that outlet anytime:p
Bro was the only one with dessert; mango pudding; very very minute cup of pudding - not that we had anymore room for this:p
And bummer; there was even a strand of hair on it and we requested for a change.
Haha...for bro, this was already not a good first impression:p
If you really wanna try, I'd recommend the Burmah Road Little Cottage; it is getting famous now....very decent servings for a very reasonable price and with such atmospheric ambience - just right for a dinner for two:)

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