Thursday, June 14, 2007

Salmon Craving

After the movie, was thinking of where and what to eat when I suddenly felt like having salmon.
No particular place, there was just this sudden craving for salmon steak so much...I don't really care as long as I get a bite of salmon.
Haha....this is one of the rare occasion when PickyEater craves for food....weird right...and I blog about food; what a contradicting personality!
Well, I blog about food to prove that this little gal DOES eat....haha, all the evidences are recorded here:p

Okay, we finally decided to go to Little Cottage 2 (near the Botanical Gardens) in Gottlieb Road since I had a lunch gathering the other day here and furthermore, it was the nearest to Gurney Plaza at that time.

Bro, still remember this place where you had the Salmon in Creamy Butter Sauce with us and you enjoyed the food here? :)

We made a quick order....and as starters, bread and butter...not my basket of liking:p
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I don't like soup and I can never finish a set; hence you can never see me ordering soups, etc for my meals/dining in Western restaurants:p

Finally here comes the food!!
Of course, the Grilled Salmon is mine!!
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Sorry; too bright...the other pic was too dark.
I liked it; the fresh veggies....carrots were too soft though...oversteamed it I guess.
Broccolis, tomatoes and some lettuces.
The steak of salmon was okay...not too bad....:)
I finally get to taste and satisfy my salmon craving...yeayyY!!!~

Next is Dear's Oriental Dory Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce....served sizzling hot.
This was also one of my favourite but since today I wanted salmon, this was not in my list....ehehe, but I still feel that this branch does not have the taste quality as the original outlet in Burmah Road.
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That's all for our dinner; about RM60++.....quite pricey sometimes to go for Western dining, don't you think?:p

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