Wednesday, March 03, 2010

2nd Day of CNY: Dinner @ Mummy's Home Kitchen

That is not the name of any restaurant in particular; but it is a new way of describing me enjoying the taste of my Mummy's home cooking that I declare it her Home Kitchen food =)

After a few rounds of steamboat, Mummy decided to prepare a few simple dishes for dinner on the 2nd Day of CNY.
This is more healthy than just consuming rounds and rounds of fishballs; though it was easy throwing everything into the pot.
It is time for a REAL meal, she says =P

The menu consists of:
Dish 1: Fish (There's always Fish!)
Steamed Garoupa with Chinese wine
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A very fresh garoupa fish bought from the market on CNY's eve and it was really fresh to the core!
The flesh was sweet and tender and the texture was just steamed to perfection!
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It was simply steamed with light soy sauce with a tiny hint of Chinese white wine and with loads of sliced ginger to combat the odor from the fish (the old ode from housewives)

Dish 2: Meat (Non-Halal)
Steamed waxed pork meat or also known as Chinese sausages (Lap Cheong)
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This is like the must-have during most CNY dinners; besides waxed duck meat, and the likes. It is like a traditional item.
However, a little into the background which I read somewhere was that these food items originated long time ago when there was no refrigerator to store the food hence the need to have food that can keep for a very long time.
At the same time, the scarcity of food during the festive season urges the need of most folks to source for dry food which can last throughout the winter season through the early Spring season.
Today, it became a celebrated festive food which appears on every dining table during the New Spring, how ironic huh? =D

Dish 3: Vegetable
Stir Fried Vegetables
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Time to load on the greens; simply boiled and lightly stir-fried with soy sauce and garlic, this is definitely good for health!

Dish 5: Soup of the Day
(Basically, it's just Fishball Soup; loaded with all the stuffs from the steamboat, LOL! The soup base is really sweet by now; with all the ingredients in it and the secret ingredient Mummy had in it =)
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Now, isn't that a simple meal to prepare for the entire family; and a pretty well-balanced diet too?

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