Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tang Dynasty Restaurant

This restaurant was actually named Tang Zhau (Tang Dynasty).
According to my friend, it was originally like those shabby wooden huts with all those stools and tables with even the crockeries in those olden "Kung fu days".
Something like what we see in those Dragon Inn (Lung Mun Hak Zhan style) which is why they maintain the name until today.
Unique huh?
However, my piece of thought is that they should renovate it in a palace style to illustrate the Tang Dynasty (since they upgraded to air-conditioned, etc).
Anyway, this is a medium-range restaurant( something like the normal Tai Chow we go for).
Our drinks; carrot juice and starfruit juice.
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Claypot Braised beancurd
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Not bad; generous servings of snow peas, shittake mushrooms, squids, etc.
I think it was about RM12-14.

Our fish; sliced fish with black pepper sauce.
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Spicy and a little deep fried:p

Our vege dish; Loh Hon Chye (mixture of vegetables with fermented beancurd sauce).
Typically the favourite among the Vegetarians:) Not bad lar; a little salty only:p
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Our spread of food :)
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