Monday, April 23, 2007

Lunch in Chinatown

Had our light lunch while shopping in Chinatown (bought some bags:)
We found these few stalls open and decided to try them out.
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Disappointed that they are serving breakfast still though:p (it was already 11.45a.m)....
Anyway, we ordered some drinks while waiting for the food to be ready....Hosted by
My avocado juice.....tasted like ice-cream...yerr....but it was not the case that it was with yoghurt or ice cream; it's just the nature of avocado to be creamy and fine.Hosted by
But I kinda liked it; something new and I heard it's good for health anyway:P
And this is soursop...hmmm, disappointing ler:p
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Smelt and tasted more like lime juice....yikes...
And this is the poh piah....SGD2 for one....and this is the plain one.Hosted by
If you go for Seafood will be SGD4 (converted to almost 9 MYD for 1 pohpiah!!!) In Malaysia, you can have 9 for that price:p
So-so only....anyway, just light...and it was raining on that day....
We saw lots of stalls around there which I think are only open for the night fiesta.

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