Monday, April 23, 2007

Food Gallery in Sentosa

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Lunch in Sentosa; was looking around for the food court when we reached the Underwater World.
Asked this janitor guy who showed us that it was just right behind the Underwater World...bummer*
Anyway, it was a really hot weather and we headed towards this food area named Food Gallery....haha, I know why they call it gallery since there were really limited variety. You don't really have much choices....sighs....everything is to be seen or for your viewing..haha:)
Most of the people opted for chicken rice while we took the Western cuisine (only these 2 options)
Ordered the Fish Boat....look, ain't it cute?
Basically just crumbed fish and chips platter with coleslaw, slices of tomatoes, fishballs and large servings of French fries..... for about SGD9.90.
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Our meal, complete with orange cordial juice..
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