Monday, April 23, 2007

Cup cakes from Lion City

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Coincidentally it was the 1st or 15th of the lunar month when I was in Singapore; and I kept a lookout for my favourite cup cakes...hehe....
Well, I did find it when I was in Hong Lim Food Centre....went back to take a closer look after my breakfast:)
Look, theirs was slightly different:)
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They call it Huat Kueh also; slightly larger in size compared to ours.....and they have it in 2 flavours - the orange and also the brown sugar. Selling in SGD2 each.......ours was cheaper:)
Got both of them; quite hard compared to our local ones.....I think our local ones were better anytime....bluekkkss.....thumbs up for local! The first food item I didn't really like in Singapore...disappointing:p
Too much flour and the texture was way too hard...yikes!
These were the other items they have at the stall......
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