Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dinner at Palawan Beach

Took the tram and went round and round while waiting for the performance of the Songs of the Sea.
We followed this tram which dropped us at Palawan Beach and we headed towards the Koufu food court:) (Or was it the other way round- we got down at Palawan Beach as we saw the sign Koufu Food Court:p)
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Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com
Had our dinner in this nice and air-conditioned food court which offered a small variety of local and Asian delights (slightly more than the Food gallery earlier:p)
Ordered from this stall selling claypot stuffs which even had newspaper clippings as testimonials that some Western couples who loved their claypot rice so much:p
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Hehe...we gave it a try - price was pretty reasonable; SGD4 for this claypot of steamed rice with sliced fish. Serving was on the average and the food also tasted the same....nothing special; in fact slightly plain:p

Also ordered another side dish of fried carrot cake (Chai Tau Kueh) which was supposedly one of the local Singaporean delights (they were reputed to be quite nice in this region:)
We ordered this for I think SGD3.50 or SGD4; but it was slightly different from our local ones.
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They actually fried it in omelette style and the carrot cake was still white; without any soy sauce as our local Char Koay kak...maybe they were meant to be different...how jakun of me:p
Anyway, this was okay, tad oily for me so I only took a bite or two:p

Haha...time for desserts!!
There seem to be this ice stalls everywhere in all the food courts we went; and we ordered the simple Ice kacang which costs SGD1.70 - so colorful...that I was a bit hesitant to try it:p
Coloring mar....
But there were generous servings of red kidney beans, sweet corn, grass jelly, etc.
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And this was their Leng Chee Kang; not bad lar.... SGD2.20.
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More of Longan Kang...hehe, more Longan than other stuffs.....there's some gingko nuts too and barley and some white snow fungus; with some sago.
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Hahaha...so funny, traversing between icy cold Ice kacang and the boiling hot Leng Chee kang...hehe...temp cycle:p

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