Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dinner at Changi (AGAIN!)

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Nothing much, yeah...pathetic...I know...having my dinner again here:p
Somemore, had dinner at about 5pm...coz we need to catch a flight later mar.
And went back to the same food court - this time ordering from this Indian Muslim Economy Food - took the set thingy - entitled to 2 vege and 1 fish/meat for SGD8.10....
Haha..almost 16 bucks MYR for some economy rice:p
On top of that, food's cold and really bad lar...took the raw lady fingers (supposed to be steamed:p), fried beancurd and one fried fish which tasted hard and squished with oil...yikes!!!
So not nice:P
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Then as we roamed around, we still had some free time, we stopped by this booth and got myself a Ice-blended Raspberry....nice; smelt so Raspberry!!! hehehe
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com
LAST post on Singapore food journey...darn, haven't update on the trip itself though!!!
Planning to start a blog for travel soon...hehe!!
So...I am done with Lion City food...back to my home sweet home country!!:)

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