Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Little Genting (non-halal post:p)

When Mum and Dad were here, we went for some hawker food (they craved for the local delights) despite my suggestions for nicer restaurants and western dining:P
So, brought them to this Little Genting place in Island Glades.
Corner coffee shop - with varieties of local food.
Friend told me it was supposed to be famous for Chee Cheong Fun (but it was closed that day).
Even the popiah sold out...
So we ordered this....
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Dad's Braised Pork ribs noodles in herbal soup...Rm3.50
He liked it....Mum also commented was not bad.

Mum's Fish & Chips
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Side order of Satay Fun Cheong (Literally translated as intestines...yewwww.....)
YUCKS.....just look at pics...
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Peanut sauce...
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My barley drink...
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Pat poh drink
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