Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Midlands Court Restaurant

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Midlands Court; one of the renowned and popular old standing Chinese restaurants which remains a favourite choice among everyone.
I came here for lunch; before my trip down to KL on Friday.
Nice place; the typical environment of a Chinese restaurant:)
Porcelain stuffs...
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I was told that restaurants (Chinese) are also rather on the crockeries they use; porcelain signifies a better ranking - more luxurious or higher class...not too sure about that:)

Anyway, to the food...
Again, did this special order - claypot beancurd (most of my food are pretty generic huh:p)
Seafood beancurd and man, they did serve us beancurd that were stuffed with special seafood paste (it's not the normal beancurd...)
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This was really good....somemore, they also included the seafood items only - fish, shrimps, squids, mushrooms and snow peas with crunchy carrot slices as well!!
Wow, really superb...I LOVED this dish so much!!!
And it only costs us RM10 (really worth it!! THUMBS UP!)

This was the sliced fish with ginger and spring onions...RM20
Kurau fish slices...nice nice....thick slices and generous serving (there were loads of fish slices and also the spring onions :)
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Our braised assorted vegetables...also good; RM8 only :)
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Spread of food.....really a lot!
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We couldn't finish and had to wrap up to take away:)
Total only about Rm42 :)

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