Monday, April 23, 2007

Indulge!!! In the Lion City!

After an hour plus flight, we finally landed in Changi airport; haha...this time not on transit stop..I am finally in Singapore!!!
We checked into our hotel; then started our venture for food hunt...hehe, walking around the Lion city; roaming for food to satisfy our hunger pangs:p

Came to this nice complex; Cathay Cinema - a cineplex style with a mall attached (I think)!
We don't really have all this big cinemas anymore in Malaysia - we are now in the trend of about GSC and TGV :D

We went all the way down to the lower ground floor; accepting some leaflets at the top of the escalator. Hmmmm...saw this restaurant by the name of Indulge and we went to look for it. Not to hard to find; at the same time there were also other restaurants available.
We had a tough time deciding and trying to save money...hehe, but we finally decided on Indulge- pretty new concept-style of restaurant cum cafe..somemore I got the 10% discount off the food (from those leaflets distributed!! Yeay!)
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Nice environment ler....
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Hehe...some cam-whoring:p
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It serves those fusion style of food - East meets West...look at the pics and you will know what I mean:)
First, review on drinks first - I ordered the Strawberry Iced Smoothie....Hosted by
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YUMMY!!! Though it smells and taste a tad too sweet...haha, something like strawberry jam:p
Smooth and such a fine texture...not too icy...really SMOOTHIE...muacks!
But yeay, I LOVED it nevertheless - how come I can't find this in my own country?
And this is the Guava, this is even better!!!
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Heaven!!!! Slurps...still miss it when I blog this:D
Only SGD4.90 each!!! So cheap....quite generous portion!!

Unique cutleries...hehe, fat bended spoon...

For this Lotus soup.....yeah, they even served us soup...comes in a set :D
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Finally, our main course.....
My Grilled Salmon in Kung Pow sauce.....YUMMY!

Really East meets west....
Very creative; the salmon was perfectly grilled and the sauce fit so well; surprisingly since it is of Eastern creation.
Then, as you can see from the pics, it was also ingeniously designed...hehe, really impressed with their presentation....there's nice vege and also, deep fried bean curd which tasted so soft and smooth on the inside:D

And this is the Dory Fish in the twisted style served with sweet and sour sauce...also super yummy!!!
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Gosh, PickyEater is so happy with her food.....
yum yum yum.....
And haha, they served us rice...the bowl is so unique...tilted to be elevated on one side....really designer styled again:p
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Nice nice nice.....really missed the food there....

* SGD stuffs are comparable in price to us; however, for us Malaysians, the conversion rates will deviate towards the slightly higher range...too bad hor...
I want to go to Singapore to work:p

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