Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Chap Goh Meh dinner

Went for an exquisite Chinese dinner on Chap Goh Meh...haha, decided to splurge a little and went to this Chinese Restaurant in Pulau Tikus.
Slightly pricey and these were what we ordered:
The seafood beancurd....special order :D
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Hehe.....yeah, we ordered the beancurd to be cooked in claypot style and only with seafood and vege :)
It was in sweet and spicy style - really nice...mmmmmm.....
And it only costs us RM10 - compared to that Tai Thong in town; a coffee shop restaurant which also charged us RM10 for plain old claypot tofu which was not even served in claypot.
Big difference; stuffs cooked in claypot typically taste nicer due to the warmth and the preserverance of the food:)
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Greens.....Broccoli with mushrooms :)
Initially wanted the ones with scallops but I was a little "geli" with the scallops since the last time I had it at that Oriental Seafood place (not really nice for my liking) so I kinda shied away from scallops for some time. S'pity since I love scallops so much.
But this was not bad...really nice...about RM16 I think (Tai Thong charged us RM15 tooo.....)
This was much better (not biased); but this is really chef-style with the cooking style maintaining the freshness and making the broccoli so crunchy!!!
My fave!!!YUMZ!
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Finally fishy....ordered the Cod Fish was quite thick and also, a little oily (a bit "geli" too:p)
RM42 for this piece but not bad lar; steamed in a plain style - still fresh, sweet and succulent :)

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