Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Steamboat again!

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All you can eat Steamboat opposite Gurney Plaza....
Some SwanTou Thai Steamboat or something...RM17 per person :)
Pay up before you eat; once we have paid, they set up this little stove at our table.
The stove sizes varies according to the pax.
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The little bowl/pot for us (just for 2 pax). Covered with aluminium foil for BBQ, I think.
And they gave us a jug of the clear soup for refill, etc.
There was this funny part where we saw the owner's little son (about 3 years old), who was playing with the pots and he sat on one of them; and FoodBuddy told me, I am not eating from that pot anymore...LOL, so funny:p
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Variety of food.....lots of them....they even mixed the fruits with these stuffs...weird to me though:p
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This were our own selection (only some visible:)
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Boiling boiling...
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Okaylar...but one thing to note; really HOT and humid here:(

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