Tuesday, April 24, 2007

People Park's Food Court

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Last day in Singapore....took the MRT again and ended up People's Park Food Court this round :)
Still early; we were there by 8am.... so we had limited choices of food anyway...most of them were only starting up (both popiah stalls were not ready, bummer:()
So we stumbled upon this Mr Bean stall...hehe, which was selling all the soya bean and beancurd related stuffs :)
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Ordered the Bean curd dessert (tau fu fah) - my favourite with the gingko nuts.
Wowww...look at this, it was actually FLOODED with the gingko!!!!
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It only costs SGD1.70!!!
And may I add, the texture of the beancurd was so smooth and so nice!!! (just like the one I tasted and missed from Ipoh!!!)
This is even better than Ipoh's....the best I have tasted so far!!!
Don't play play, they even have the trademark for this :D It's actually MR Bean tm or something; registered wei!:D
And this is the ice-blended soya bean drink....not bad too (though I never did have any preference for soya bean:p)
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As for some solid food (doesn't my tau fu fah count?:p), we ordered the fish slices in soup....with lots of vege :)
Priced at SGD3.50, it was not bad:)
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