Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cool Stop

HOT HOT HOT weather....... we went back to this little stall in front of Underwater World (which we wanted to go for initially before entering Underwater World) but we went for lunch and to view those fishies first:p
Now we are done with the fishies, we went back and got ourselves a little treat...
Look at the colorful menu!!
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Just wanted to get everything at one time :P
Anyway, we opted for this blueberry with nata de coco....YUMMY!!!
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It was so nice...superb...heaven....I LOVE anything with berries!!!!
And this was the second one; honey sea coconut with some sea plants...... interestingly crunchy and was a nice combination too!!
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Yummy, should get the franchise for this....
Hmmmmm...I should probably consider to have a stall/shop like this one day :D

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