Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wang Zhao Jun

Wang Zhao Jun (Wong Chiew Kuan) is one of the 4 most beautiful ladies in ancient China; one would wonder why on earth is a normal shop which is not even fancy is named after this beautiful lady warrior...I haven't even figure it out myself.
So, I heard of Wang Zhao Jun from my mum who tried this out; courtesy of my 5th aunt during her last trip to Penang which was last month.
Located on Rangoon Road, this restaurant, as my mom told me specializes in fish and also a couple of typical Chinese dishes such as chicken and pork.
However, their main menu consists of fish fillet in soup -> Fish head bee hoon in clear soup, Hor fun fish fillet - either steamed or soup or dry.

The couple of times I wanted to try out this shop, it was always closed...anyway, I went after work which led me to deduce that it is probably only open in the day; during lunch time.
So, on a Friday 2 weeks back, my luck got the better of me when I saw the shop was open in the afternoon. However, the bummer here was; due to the peak hour during lunch, there were no parking space. Typical scenario in downtown Penang - what more with the narrow roads.

After more than n rounds, we finally found a parking space right opposite the shop and then ordered the food. It is just like a typical coffee shop without your luxurious A/C. It's located next to a Vegetarian restaurant and a Chinese coffee shop less than a few metres away.

So, we settled down (it was raining on that day - heavy drizzle) and ordered fish - since that's the only thing I actually eat furthermore it is a Friday (not like I take meat anyway:P)

We ordered the steamed fish and a separate hor fun also with steamed fish - basically they are the same- just that my friend wanted to have some hor fun to go with.
The food came and it was not too bad but I think the pieces of fish fillet were overcooked and also it was a little too oily for me :( Furthermore, there were bones ...hmmm, what is the main objective to have fish fillets in the first place?Sigh....

Anyway, despite that, I would say it is not that bad and in fact, we plan to come back again for the soup style.
However, haven't seen it open for the last few days....hmmmm...
Also, I noticed the lady in that shop looks familiar - like the cashier lady in the dim sum shop I frequent in Kimberley Street....hehehe....moonlighting job and probably she is focusing on her dim sum shop....well...:)

Recommendation: Not a bad place; but without A/C lar and the price is reasonable as well :)
Will come back and try it again *winks*

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