Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ice Ice Baby

Yeahhhh....we went back to Ice Ice Baby after some time (since I was addicted to Kocha:p)
Anyway, we decided to have our lunch here last Friday and furthermore, we had our surprise dessert up for claim (we were given a card on our first visit which allows us to receive a stamp upon every visit - at least RM15 per visit and after collecting 12 stamps on the card, we are entitled to a surprise dessert:)
So that was our collection day and we were given a bowl to draw or pick the dessert from the little folded paper)
I took the pick and got the Chocolate Fondue....but my dear thought I do not take chocolate and requested for a change. Then we changed our mind again and told the waiter that we wanted the Chocolate Fondue which is actually the 2nd most expensive item on the menu which costs RM23 after the Cheese Fondue whichs costs about RM26.

You probably cannot understand why the whooping price for just dessert; but hey, feast your eyes on this Chocolate Fondue which consists of a bowl of chocolate which they lit a fire underneath to allow the slow boil and perfect melting of the chocolate and then the array of fruits and little titbits for your to dip and enjoy the blend with the chocolate. The items were watermelon(6 balls), honeydew(5 balls), lychee(3), longan(6), banana (at least 2), strawberry slices, 6-7 grapes, 5 marshmallows, bread cubes, and cake cubes.....phew....that is enough to cover for a meal:p

But it looked pretty cool and interesting...although I only eat the fruit items...he also ordered a fresh fish fillet spaghetti set and I ordered a Grape Ice Blended but we were too intrigued by this to actually take pics of the others....hehehe...
Worth a try and it is not something you can find elsewhere although I noticed that the fondue concepts is starting to be the "in" thing nowadays.....
Well, we were given another card with a stamp on it and guess we will be collecting the next 12 stamps again...hehehe......*winks*
Nice place for chatting and meeting up; fully air-conditioned; they even have function room upstairs and the ambience is cute; with baby posters everywhere.
They have pretty nice dessert collection...worth a try :)

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