Sunday, October 15, 2006

OFA Restaurant

Located along the Northam road and before reaching the fork junction next to the Tennis court, you may miss this place; OFA which stands for Old Frees' Association and it is a restaurant which serves Oriental cuisine and your normal rice and dishes style of food. In fact some (like me) may mistaken this as a membership-only kinda place or that you have to be an ex-student of the Free School:p I know....I am ignorant but I am not a local Penangite, okay? :p
Anyway, we decided to try our luck with lunch here. There is a decent parking area as you enter the gate and I noticed there were already 4  cars there; mainly Honda City, Toyota Vios, BMW, and another Toyota I think which gave me the idea that this is probably the type of place where only the locals or old regulars know of.
So, I walked towards the main entrance and noticed lots of tables and chairs arranged on the left; probably this place is also popular for functions or gatherings.

As I stepped into the air-conditioned restaurant, I saw that there were already 3 tables seated and waiting patiently for the food despite the fact that it was still pretty early for lunch - it was only 11.30am at that time:p Most of the patrons here were families and we took our seat at the side of the shop.
The menu offers the local Oriental dishes; ranging from fish to poultry, vegetables, prawns, soup and beancurd. The prices were pretty normal; ranging from RM6 to RM15 or RM20 per dish.
We ordered a sweet sour fish fillet and also kai lan stir fried with mushrooms; which cost about RM8 and RM7 respectively. I would say the fish is reasonable for a small serving. We ordered iced Horlicks and for me, Lime+Plum juice which is about RM1.90 and RM2.30 each.
After the order was made, we noticed another menu on another table which listed all the specialities for the day and found those interesting. Hehehe...was tempted to change but since I cannot decide, we stuck to the inital order.
I noticed that most of the staff were ladies; thought that Free School is a boys' school? Probably their spouses who are helping to run the business while those "old boys" are at the wok in the kitchen. Possibly these ladies were just hired to serve at the front desk :)
The food did not take too long to come; and this is me posing with the food.
Not bad; enjoyed my food and total bill came to about RM19.20 which I think was not too expensive for two people. Will come back again to try out other items....the thing is most of the time, I can't order too much due to limited eating ability and furthermore, there are only 2 of us...hehe

Place: OFA Restaurant
Location: Northam Road (next to sports club and tennis court)
Serves: Oriental food (rice, noodles and dishes)
Price: RM6-RM20
Environment: Air-conditioned and quiet.

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