Sunday, October 08, 2006

City Bayview Revolving Restaurant

First of all, wishing everyone a Happy Mooncake Festival :)

I did not get to go back to my hometown; unfortunately, since my parents will be coming up soon and they sort of "disapproved" of me going back to KL when either they will be coming to Penang or I will be going home to KL in approximately 2 weeks', in short, I was left here miserably watching everyone in the company packing and leaving early (half-day's work) on Friday to make it home in time for the festive reunion dinner.

Anyway, things were not that bad as I had company and was invited to go for a buffet dinner in hotel and we decided to check out the City Bayview Hotel's Revolving Restaurant offering of buffet dinner for the Ramadhan month.
We reached in time to watch the 19 couples congregation (mass wedding) which appeared in The Star on Oct 7th, 2006 - organized by France Taipei bridal departing from the prestigious E & O hotel. In fact, everyone was so entranced by the possession that it caused the cars to pull to a slow crawl on the road. As our car turned into the City Bayview carpark; which coincidentally was situated just across the road, the parking attendant ran just in time to issue us the parking ticket...and he was apologetic.

To cut the story short, we reached the Revolving Restaurant after switching to a different lift and upon reaching the restaurant, we found that most of the tables were reserved and I was already thinking to myself "This must be good since people are making reservations to secure the places" (what more with the Penangites' witty taste buds, the crowd always give you the idea of the rating of the restaurant).
We started helping ourselves....hehe, him picking up some stewed vegetables for me which had a combination of broccoli, cauliflower, mushroom (shittake, button), sweet corn, carrots in a brownish stew. Then we proceeded to get some prawns; fried prawns (we actually took the food separately - more efficient and effective)

First of all, the soup was pretty ok; the stewed vegetables were not too bad as well. Taken some quick snapshots of the food; enjoy :P
Salad section; helped myself to the fresh veggies here but was still pretty disappointed with the veggies; not too fresh:p

Stewed vegetables - broccolis (my favourite!), cauliflowers, sweet corn, shittake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, button mushrooms, carrots....yummy; combination of all my favourite veggies!!~

These are the other food which were taken by my friend (I only took the vege plate in the first picture). These stewed vegetables were nice oooo....and those were the prawns which everyone seems to take a load of. Disappointing though; it is not fresh and the flesh was too hard; not juicy and succulent with each bite...sighhh....i just took 1 or 2 )

There's chicken, and roti jala I think

The Szechuan hot and sour soup; okaylar - with some bamboo shoots; black fungus and also shreds of fish cake.
Forgot to take pics of the fruits and the desserts - basically little kueh and cakes:P
Done with the fruits; not too nice also lar.
More and more people coming by the time we are done:) The revolving part makes me a little dizzy in the beginning...if you can see where the people are helping themselves to the food, there's the circular thing there; it keeps rotating. So, wherever you are seated at, you will see the other section. At the same time, the dining area rotates as well. Too bad we cannot see the night view of Penang city since we were eluded by the thick haze that time...sighhhh.
Anyway, the whole dinner costs about RM80++ and I'd say the food is not good enough for the price.
For drinks, they only provide sirap bandung, iced water, and coffee.

In case you are looking at this hotel, take note that there are 2; one in town (this is the one with the Revolving Restaurant) and the other one is slightly more exquisite in Batu Ferringhi.
Place: Revolving Restaurant, City Bayview Hotel (Georgetown, Penang)
Review: 2/5


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