Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Red Tea Garden Dim Sum Restaurant

This is a new place located on Macalister Road - you will not miss it if you are using the road to head towards town or KOMTAR area. It is actually on your right; somewhere near the red painted Bata outlet.

So, we decided to try out the dim sum here last Sunday morning; a side track from our regular dim sum shop in Kimberley Street.
It was pretty packed with people and I was wondering what is the attractive part about this place.
They do have a wide variety of dim sum and finger food - mostly meat though...they even had steamed vegetables!
Haha....the normal variety includes siew mai, har kao, egg tarts, pork ribs, fish ball, pau, lor mai kai, chai kueh, fried stuffs, etc etc.
The food were placed on the main table near the kitchen and it is more of a self-service thing although they do have their own staff making rounds to sell their fresh from the oven dim sum (most of their hired staffs are foreigners so they can't even tell you what is the content of the dim sum they are carrying...bummer:(

Anyway, I didn't quite like the dim sum here and I actually ended up with gastric after having dim sum comments....

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