Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Kocha Taiwanese Delight

Kocha....basically means Tea in Japanese (if I still remember my Japanese correctly that is)..hehehe..which is why the relationship between the Taiwanese theme and a Japanese description does not mix. In fact, they are not even close relatives nor fan or each other:P

Anyway, I noticed this little place by the roadside which was quite hidden if not for its brightly lit neon lights on the signboard which was placed high. Located along Burmah Road, this is one green little place you should be able to notice.
As I approach the entrance door upon parking my car, I noticed there were free books on the shelves (mostly Chinese and meditation/religious books) and there was a wooden table with chairs and a little fountain at the entrance.
As I pulled and stepped into the restaurant, there was this little pre-recorded voice which uttered the welcoming note to customers.
I noticed that the placement and positioning of the furniture settings in the shop was unique and there were also little paraphernalia and memorablia displayed in a glass cupboard with price tags; indicating that they are on sale.
My friend actually commented that this place is focusing on feng shui as we can see bamboo, aquarium, placement of the tables, etc.
However, I kinda like the quaint little design and cosy factor of the place itself.

Anyway, the menu boasts of nothing special actually (in my opinion); just typical Chinese dishes we can get anywhere - soup, fish, rice, meat, etc.
They have sets for the dishes which are the McValue kinda thing where you pay RM18++ for the dish which will come along with rice, fruits, dessert, a drink (milk tea) and 2 vegetables.
So, pretty much worth it as well.
Since I am not one for eating; hehehe....I eyed the drinks :)
(I did try the fish - cod fish cooked with 5 tastes; don't really know what were the 5 tastes about - mainly tasted sour and sweet and spicy)
Tried the steamed cod fish before as well....not too bad but tad a little too oily:P

Anyway, the drinks were the fascinating ones to me....since I am one for ice-blended drinks; they have a limited list (not covering ALL fruits - only passion fruit, love fruit, soury plum, pineapple, strawberry, kiwi, mango)
Ooooohhh....and they add the pearls as well (still remember those pearl milk tea craze during our school days...yeah, it's those pearls for an additional of RM0.50)
My personal favourite will be the Kiwi ice-blended.....
We also noticed that they tend to put sliced hard jelly in the drink which does not have the slicing of the actual fruit. So far, only Kiwi has the actual fruit ; the others are mostly flavoured drinks...that's why it's my personal favourite *winks*

The prices were pretty reasonable and I should note that it was pretty cold in the restaurant...
And the relation to the Kocha, it is actually your typical tea garden or tea house since their speciality is the different types of Taiwanese tea they offer on the menu which I have yet to try since I am still hooked on to the ice-blended drinks...hahaha..in fact, I am addicted to it!!

Will further update you if I try more of the stuffs they have here....I am a regular now and will continue my support....so, there will be updates again on Kocha....

**Oh ya, Kocha in Hokkien also means ancient....pretty much suitable for the settings and the layout of the restaurant. **
Chinese name of the restaurant: Koo Zhao Yuan
Location: Burmah Road, Penang
Comment: A nice and cosy (COLD) place for chatting and meeting up with old friends; the lights were dim and the environment and ambience is perfect even for a romantic dining :)

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