Sunday, October 15, 2006

Maxim's Dim Sum

Yesterday we decided to break away from our normal routine of dimsum at the Sg Ara place or our usual Tai Thong in town and decided to go to this Maxim's dim sum place in Taman Pekaka in Sungai Dua, near Makro (USM area).
Weird huh....when I was staying in Sungai Dua, I never wanted to try it out and always opted for the Sungai Ara dim sum but now that I have moved to stay in Sungai Ara...I came back for the dim sum...haha....well, I always do weird stuffs though and don't they say that the neighbour's grass is always greener or the grass is always greener on the other side:P
We reached there at about 6.15 am (which was still pretty dark then) and went into the brightly lit shop (yeah, they turned on all the white fluorescent lights which really brightened up the shop - well, those dimly lit shops (exception of coffee houses) should learn a thing or two from them to boost their business).

Having seated ourselves at the side (and enduring stares from a lone old man in front of me and also another 3 men from behind), we ordered our usual chrysanthemum tea and then proceeded to serve ourselves (they practise self-service here....) with the food; they categorized their food items to steamed and fried.

So, we only had the following items;
from left (the prawn dumplings aka Har Kao which was mixed with meat, steamed fishballs and mussels with garlic sauce).

(Me posing with the food :)

Okay, for the food review; the fishballs tasted weird and too bouncy soft for my taste; I was a little creeped out by it and didn't finish my bite. Then I tried the mussels which were not too bad.
Then we took a plate of prawn fritters which I did not capture here which was not bad.
The pricing here is not too bad actually; probably to cater for the USM students - in fact, my friend explained that is probably the reason why they mixed the meat in the prawn dumplings -> to save manufacturing cost.
Overall, I would say it is probably worth a try but for me; I do not have much to look forward to and guess I should have listened to my good friend that it was not that good...hehehe :p

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