Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Steamed Fish-y Dish

I say prayers of thanks for the little blessings in my life each day, be it for those that I can see and even for those that I cannot see, or have yet to see the real meaning of them.
One of such blessing is that I have a mother-in-law who enjoys cooking and preparing dishes every day, and on those days when I can be home to have dinner, I am pampered with dishes like this.
Perhaps I should start a mother-in-law's home cooked food diary, or log with all the food that she has prepared for us.

Yesterday we had this steamed fish; with ginger and Chinese wine and soy sauce, accompanied with steamed fish balls and rolls and also fish paste dumplings.

Yes, everything in the dish is made of fish; and is to me, a very fish-y dish indeed!
I am not complaining, as I am pampered with this fish dish and it feels like dishes from my own mum who always prepares a fish dish for me for she knows how much I love fish.

I know, I am getting rather nostalgic these days in my blog posts, and perhaps I am, as I am touched with the many things around me, and I feel that it is not a bad thing, to be able to find something to be thankful for each day and to cherish the things and people around us.

Fish is like this must-have dish for me ever since I was a little girl; and my grandmother who used to stay with us when I was a baby, cooked and prepared fish specially for me at every meal.
According to my mum, she would never fail to buy fish from the market every day, and steam or prepare in any other way and then place that dish in front of me. I was just a little girl at that time, and that was a royal princess treatment.
I was perhaps spoilt in a way, by my beloved grandmother, but my mother continued the tradition and almost every one who knows me knows my love for fish. It is like this endless relationship I have with fish, and I could never tire of its appearance at my dining table. In fact, if I was picky, it would be the only dish which could revive my appetite.

Even then, this picky eater, annoyingly does have her own pick of favorite fish (of course that is normal), but I don't specify the types of fish that I must have especially when I am away from my own family. As long as there is fish, I never liked to be of much trouble to anyone.
Obviously my loved ones are all aware of my love for fish, and it has also passed on to my mother-in-law who prepares fish for me to ensure that I enjoy my meal each day.
That, makes me feel special and loved. (Nobody would not enjoy being spoilt, lol!)

The fish paste dumpling, was indeed a unique one as it is rare to come by a dumpling made of fish paste compared to the usual minced meat with prawns version.
Everyone enjoyed the light taste of the fish paste which was rather dense in its texture and along with green peas, black fungus and mushrooms, it was quite fragrant as well.

Now, with specialty dishes and specially prepared, who wouldn't look forward to having dinner at home?


  1. Oh wow! You are lucky :-) That fish dish looks lovely!

  2. WokandSpoon, Yeah, I am...I thank God every day for the little blessings in my life :-)