Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bangkok Food Diary: Fuji Japanese Restaurant (Siam Center)

No, you have not read the title wrongly, nor is there any disambiguation about the notion of having the words of Japanese and Thai both in the same sentence.
We did patronize this Japanese restaurant which my friend (who was also our guide on this trip) recommended as one of her favorite places whenever she visits Bangkok.

Fuji Japanese Restaurant was located at Siam Center and I was really (secretly) looking forward to having a Japanese meal as I am definitely a big fan of the cuisine, and we made it a point to include it in our itinerary on our last day as my friend was just dying to share the place with us. (I am more than happy to oblige with her request)
Arriving at the place at an early hour, I was surprised to see that the restaurant was already filled with the locals who were already having an early lunch there. Thankfully, we did not have to queue for long as we were placed the second in the queue and we were quickly ushered to our seats without having to go through a long wait.
Looking at the crowds, I was already convinced (or at least, half-convinced) that this was indeed a favorite place among the locals.  The menu boasted a large variety of Japanese delights; from the usual sushi to sashimi, to bento, udon, yakitori, etc and they were reasonably priced too, which further strengthened my belief in the credibility and popularity of this place.

The following is a snapshot of the stuffs we tried at this restaurant:-

Sushi platter; it's like a customary dish at most tables for it is a more commonly favored dish compared to sashimi (as there are those who do not like raw food).

Pork rolls (I am not sure of the name of this dish though)

Katsu Toji Set

Salmon Shioyaki (Salt-grilled salmon)

Smoked Salmon Salad (This was really good! I adore smoked salmon, but I am particular with the taste. Done the right way, it is just perfect; like this one!)

My friend recommended this Fuji green tea; which is a product of this restaurant I suppose?
The Fuji green tea comes in variants of normal green tea, less sugar and fit versions, for those wanting to watch their waistlines.

I happily enjoyed a glass of freshly squeezed watermelon juice (I do love how the fresh juices are easily available in Bangkok, and at really reasonable prices too, even in restaurants!)

Overall, I can see the reason behind the popularity of Fuji, as the variety and prices are definitely the attractive factor but the tastes which are suited to the local Thai's liking are probably the magnetic factor which attracts the diners to the restaurants.
I am also bookmarking this place for my own reference too!~

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