Thursday, February 06, 2014

Lunar New Year Food Diary: Day 2 Reunion

(From the earlier post...)

The journey back home was an exciting and one that was filled with joy as with the spirit of the festivity and also the great feeling to see my loved ones; and it is just the continuation of the joy shared with everyone.
As usual, there is another feast awaiting us~

The usual tradition for us is again, the hot pot as it was easier and also auspicious (yeah, again, as I have mentioned, there is endless episodes of hot pot in most families during the Lunar New Year celebration as it is also the easiest to prepare)

A glimpse of all the food we have (beware of the photos overload!)

Fish balls

Sotong (Squid) Balls 

Fish Cakes


Enoki Mushrooms (also referred to as the golden needle mushrooms)

Fresh Tiger Prawns

Slices of Threadfin (one of my favorite fish!)
The fish were sliced and marinated beforehand to give it that smooth texture and taste.

Seafood sandwich tofu

Handmade Meat Balls and Lean pork

Kampar stuffed fish paste beancurd (another of my favorite!)

Razor Clams
Crunchy and chewy, just love chewing on these :-)

Chikuma (Fish rolls - yup, my favorite, again!)

Mock Crab Meat

Cabbage (Calcium overload! :-P )

White Radish

Daddy's homemade chili paste (Super Like! I grew up with this chili paste made by my daddy, and though I can't take much spicy food, this is one of my personal favorite )

Throw everything into the pot to cook!

While waiting to cook, we......tossed our way to the New Horse Year!~

(Sorry, I didn't capture any photo of the tossing as I was too busy tossing the Yee Sang with the family)

The aftermath!

Cheers to the Official start of the Horse Year!! Hee-Haw....

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