Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bangkok Food Diary: Mango Sticky Rice

There seems to be no end to this dessert when I was in Thailand; with a friend who was obsessed with the Mango with sticky rice.
I have heard of the fame, and how it tops the must have list when one travels to Thailand and it is always customary to do touristy things and eat the oh-so-local type of food (which the locals don't really bother with most of the time), that this automatically lands a spot on the list of our travel itinerary in Bangkok.
As it is so famous, and probably common too, we learnt that there is no need to search for the dessert in particular as it could be found anywhere; yes, almost everywhere we went. It was that common.

For instance, at the food court in Terminal 21, there is a stall which is practically made of, I meant, covered with mangoes.

The first mango sticky rice she tasted...and she was on cloud nine for having satisfied her cravings and curiosity of this local dessert.

I am sorry to say I do not share in her obsession or sentiments for this dessert, or even the fruit.
Yes, it is weird, and I know you are about to shout aloud, what kind of person does not like mango?
I am, in fact, one of those who does not fancy mango, at all (another of my weird picky style)
So, what is one non-mango lover about to do when surrounded by mango obsessed fans?
I take photos, of something I do not eat, but warrants a mention since it is so famous!

Another round of the dessert in Chatuchak market, which was supposedly cheaper compared to the food court (obviously, as this was on the streets!)

There was just mango with sticky rice overload during this trip, if you ask me, but it was all for the good fun and humor. Just when I thought we were done with the dessert, then we spotted it at the airport while waiting for our flight and my mango obsessed fried was still contemplating whether she needs another dose before leaving the country.
Yes, she was that big of a fan, but thankfully, she dropped the idea upon realizing that it was overpriced at the airport :-)

How about you, are you a fan too?
To the point of almost having it at every meal? LOL~ :-P

Note: The mangoes are famous in Thailand and are said to be really sweet and juicy; compared to the local mangoes found here in our country.

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