Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lunar New Year Food Diary: Day 5

Day 5 continues with more home cooked food; with a few additional dishes added to the menu prepared before we return to work.
Mothers always try to make the best of the meals prepared for their children; no matter how we plead with them to make things simple or just dine out. No, it is not a good idea to most of them as they feel that we ought to enjoy the homemade dishes since we are often working late and when we are out working, we have already fed our systems with too much outside food which, in their minds, are less healthy and probably MSG-laden (even if we tell them we are eating healthy). That is how a mother always thinks; but it is with much love and care that they want for their children and to provide them with the best nourishment.

My mummy is no exception, and from the past posts, we have enjoyed many dishes from her, and she continues to whip up another few dishes.

Mengkuang Char (Stir-fried jicama with carrot strips and dried shrimps)
This is a dish typically found in most Hokkien households during the festive season; as part of the huge feast of the reunion dinner too. My mum tells me that her grandmother and mother used to make this for every lunar new year celebration as part of their reunion dinner as it was a colorful and auspicious dish for the vegetable portion. The golden colors, obviously was part of the auspicious symbol, and traditionally, meat, shrimps and even cuttlefish would be included in the dish.

This is one of my favorite dishes to have as well; and this was one of the simpler versions with just pure vegetables and dried shrimps which added to the aromatic taste of the combination.

Lean pork meat was an additional dish added to the menu.
Meat is always considered a luxury item since the older days, as they are scarce and expensive. Therefore, pork, especially is considered a festive item and its appearance is often associated with celebrations and major events.

Sweet and sour black pomfret makes its appearance again

A simple meal, but filled with lots of love just makes this more special and no price tag can be put on the thoughts which went into the meal preparation!~


  1. happy cny christy!! looking at your first dish of mengkuang char is making me miss it!

  2. Happy CNY Jun!! It's the end of the festive celebration today, and Happy Valentine's!~ <3