Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lunch-ing Out at Green Bamboo Seafood Restaurant

I remembered back then during my childhood days, we used to dine out or mum would whip up a really sumptuous meal whenever we had visiting guests to our home. It is not that we usually eat in poor conditions or that mum does not cook lavish meals, but there is just something different; and I guess you could say, it was the excitement stemming from being able to have more company and also to act like a tourist in your own neighborhood and home. It is just different.

Nowadays, there are just too many new restaurants mushrooming everywhere and sometimes I find it difficult to decide where to go; especially when we are not sure of whether they serve good quality food and that is even more crucial when you want to treat your guests well, and show them the nicer part of your hometown.

However, sometimes, it is not all about the price of the food or the place to impress, but rather, the hospitality and the kindness you show to your guests to make them feel at home and welcomed.
Also, food plays that role in determining that they (or their tummies) are well treated, don't you think?

Green Bamboo Seafood Restaurant is a fairly new restaurant to us, though not that new anymore, as I believe they have been around for more than a year or so in the neighborhood of Bandar Mahkota Cheras.
With the theme of seafood in the name of the restaurant, of course there is an assortment of seafood; from crabs to prawns, fish, shells, squids, etc. It is getting hard to find a good seafood restaurant these days; but not so much of a problem in Selangor or KL area due to the larger population and geographical area, as compared to Penang (or perhaps I was picky?)

Ordered a few dishes; mostly our guests' favorites~

Marmite Pork Ribs

The recommended dish from the lady who did the ordering for us.

Thai Style Deep Fried Signature Tofu
They used the local white and silky smooth tofu for this dish; and the sweet and sour with a slight tinge of spicy from the chilies made this the highlight of the meal as it was just so appetizing.

Also, I loved how the dish was not just so flavorful in its taste but turned out to be so colorful and vibrant in its appearance as well.

Braised spinach in superior stock
The spinach was cooked in a soup boiled with little anchovies and lean pork meat, with slices of century eggs which makes us the term of the superior stock.

Stir fry Romaine Lettuce with garlic 
As there were more elderly folks who were health-conscious, we ordered this simple and plain vegetable dish upon their request.

Another signature fish is this; Steamed tilapia fish served with spicy fermented bean curd sauce 
(Cheong Jing style in Cantonese) - MYR40

Total bill came up to about MYR124++, after discount (they have membership/loyalty card as well for their returning customers - or to keep them returning). There were 9 of us; and it was a satisfying meal.
As usual, always check your bill before paying; just common practice for every restaurant you go to ;-)


  1. i like your philosophy of choosing where and what to eat :D i don't think i've ever explored bandar mahkota cheras, but would be happy to visit green bamboo someday, maybe with my family too :)

  2. Hi there Sean, Lol, me and my choosy style! Just being the annoying picky person!
    Cheras is really congested but really full of good eating places...just need to know where to find the good food =P
    I am also new to this place myself! ;-)

  3. I love the photos of all the dishes!
    Miss all that good food!

  4. WokandSpoon, thanks, glad you enjoyed them...and yeah, I do miss them sometimes when I leave town too ;-)