Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Having Chee Cheong Fun my own style

Nothing beats the feeling of familiarity back at home, surrounded by the things we love and the people who are just so dear to us. There is no need for a red carpet or warm welcome at the door, for the familiar sight of the house and stepping into the home already sends that tinge of happiness to the heart directly and makes the heart flutter with joy.
I just love being home (who doesn't anyway), and there is no need to worry about habits as these are the people who have lived with me since the day I came to the world and they are already accustomed to my styles and habits; from the way I kept my room to my favorite television programs and the tastes of my food.
Yes, the main reason I am a picky eater is because, well, I am picky, obviously and I have a lot of personal styles and choices with my food.
For instance, even to having breakfast, I do have my own favorites that I must have and never get tired of.

I like chee cheong fun without the spicy sauce, and the KL version of Chee Cheong fun usually comes with Yong Tau Foo style where we can pick our own fish balls, or anything to accompany the flat white rice noodles.

One of my favorite is this fish roll; which tastes a little like the Keropok Lekor from Kelantan/Terengganu but imagine it in a steamed style and with fresh and crunchy fish paste.

This is from a local neighborhood stall at the market, but yet, this brings me nostalgia and the feeling of being at home, and I always want this when I am back at home; nothing else, perhaps with the occasional exception of Dim sum?

Fish balls and fish cakes can be yummy too, but my favorite is still the crunchy and cracker-like fish rolls; also known as fish sausage rolls by the uncle who runs the chee cheong fun stall at the market.

Do you have any habit; or food which is hard to break away from?

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