Friday, February 07, 2014

Lunar New Year Food Diary: Longan for dessert

The Lunar New Year calls for major increase in food sales; especially the canned food and drinks for they are the most convenient form for guests and also in the preparation of meals at home.
Canned drinks and preserved fruits such as fruit cocktail, pineapples, and particularly longan and lychee, rank the best-selling item during this season. Perhaps it is due to the reason that the longan represent the meaning of good (its phonetic sound in Hokkien rhymes with good) and also due to it being a sweet and round fruit, and it also happens to be in season (in the countries where they were grown).

Anyway, for as far as I can remember, we usually have chilled longan drinks for dessert during the Lunar New year celebration where the family will sit together to watch the comedies on air with our glasses filled with longan and sweet syrup with ice.

Then what do we do?

We start enjoying the movie and chilled drink, and oh yes, we count the longans!
Yes, it is not that we never have enough, it is just fun to just have that number of longans and then count how many we have in our cups (though I do know, since I was the one who prepared and serves the longan drinks)

Counting the round little fruits can be as enjoyable as savoring them; and don't take them all at the same time for it spoils the fun, but rather, chew and just enjoy each bite.

It just seems like such an entertaining activity; after all, what else is there to do when we are supposed to take a break from work and enjoy quality time with our families during the festive season?
Since it is always about food, shouldn't we have that little quality time with our food too? Or our little longan dessert?

Good times call for fun times too~

Do you have longan or lychee for your dessert too? Or something else?

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