Friday, February 07, 2014

Lunar New Year Food Diary: Egg Waffle

This is probably not really a festive food, but since I stumbled upon it in an outing during the festive season, I have decided to just post it under the same food diary.
We were just out taking a walk and chilling out after all the food.
I just adore all these red lanterns used for the decorations in most of the places; as I personally feel this is the most timeless way to represent the festive spirit and it is evident in their appearances for centuries now until this very day.

Then I spotted this in a cafe

The Egg waffle is something which I have tried before in Hong Kong, and I was quite delighted to find it here. It is rather rare, though it may seem like a normal pastry, but just to get it right to the taste and flavor of the waffle is not entirely easy either.
It may be a bit pricey compared to the ones I had in Hong Kong, but I was just keen to try.
Oh, they have a couple of flavors; including coffee, matcha and chocolate but I am always for the Original flavor (basically, no flavor, just eggs and flour)

Loved it, I am hooked!    
Best eaten when it is freshly baked from the mold, and I think they took at least 15 minutes just to get one done, but worth the wait, I say!

Egg waffles, anyone?

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