Friday, February 07, 2014

Lunar New Year Food Diary: Day 3 is (Hot, Spice and everything Nice!)

Day 3 started with noodles for breakfast; bought from the neighborhood market which surprised us with some of the stalls already back in operation for business. (Typically the stalls only return for business on the 6th day of the Lunar New Year in this district)

For those who are not familiar with these noodles; these are the Lou Shu Fun (also directly translated as Rat's tail noodles). The name does sound a little gross, to be frank, but the ingredients to make these noodles do not vary from the usual noodles; rice flour. Also, the texture of these noodles are a little smooth and slithery which makes it even possible to swallow the noodle by itself!

Cooked with soy sauce and a little garnishing, we had to make do with this and thank goodness, it was not disappointing to the taste buds at all.

There were also fried fishballs in the soup too!~

We continued with our Hot pot saga; only this time, the broth was different as mummy decided to take it to the spicy level with the Tomyam soup.
We are definitely not complaining....

Noodles to go with the spicy and aromatic soup

Eggs...ready for action!

The shiny and big egg yolk; glistening

Cooking the egg in the soup was an interesting task, and I was so fascinated that I couldn't resist whipping out the camera for continuous shots!

All boiling HOT and a symbol, perhaps?
Boiling its way and overflowing with prosperity!~


  1. Steamboat! Going to have that this Friday, Chap Goh Meh. My daughter wants it - she loves steamboat!

  2. Suituapui, WOW, I want too!=P I'm never tired of steamboat too!!