Friday, February 14, 2014

Lunar New Year Food Photo Diary: Goodies to share around

The Lunar New Year is coming to an end, and I am going to compile a list of the festive goodies seen during this season; especially those appearing in my sight (home).
While there are those who may not be in the mood to celebrate due to various reasons, or unable to celebrate, it is still no reason not to fill ourselves with the festivity and cheer to make ourselves happy. The festive mood this year was probably slightly dampened due to economic situation and also anxiety everywhere around the world, but there is still that glitter of hope and one can make a change. It may seem like a rough road, but do not let our spirits down. What better way to build up our hopes than to usher in a brand new year with the arrival of the Lunar Spring, shortly after the celebration of the grand New Year on January 1?
Indeed, the days WILL get better, and the very first thing we should do is to make ourselves happy and spread the love and joy to those around us. It could be a stranger, or our loved ones, but it will make a difference. Happiness is indeed a choice.

Now, back to my post, in conjunction with the last day of the Lunar New Year celebration and I am about to wrap up the festive food diary series (there is probably only one or two posts left!), I have compiled a round of goodies/snacks typically found during the festive season where they are made to share around.
Of course, I couldn't possibly compile the full list for there are just endless varieties of cookies and snacks out there! The following are just the interesting ones I have captured from the comforts of my own home and those from homes I have visited, just to share and spread the festive cheer around!
(I am NOT responsible for any craving or misbehavior over the hunt for these goodies, LOL!)

The typical platter of goodies prepared at every home filled with an assortment of sweets and cookies for the visiting guests during the festive season.

Sweet candied gummies; which are usually the most commonly spotted in most of these platters appearing at almost every home. Reason is simple enough; these are obviously the treats for the little ones. Children just love sweets, especially these soft and chewy gummies which are flavorful, colorful and even smells of the fruity scent when one bites into them.
If you have noticed, most of the festive food are always sweet, and for the Lunar New Year, the Chinese believe that the sweet food can bring a year of happiness, filled with sweet and lovely things ahead.

Kuih Bangkit (Tapioca cookies)
These are one of the must have cookies for the festive season; and one of the traditional cookies which is on almost everyone's favorite list. The best type? Those that are fragrant and crisp on the outside but 'pops' and melts in the mouth.

Peanut cookies

A variety of preserved and candied fruits

Roasted nuts

Kuih Kapit or the traditional Love letters
Thin and usually triangular-shapped; this is another traditional must-have during the festive season.

Kok Chai (Mini Crispy dumplings filled with peanuts, or also known as mini peanut puffs)

Hong Kong Egg Rolls

How was your platter of goodies like?
Perhaps you had more?
Do you usually maintain/refill the same goodies, or do you replace with others periodically throughout the 15 days?

More Goodies coming up next....


  1. Everything looks droolicious! Happy Valentine's Day and 元宵 ♥

  2. Noobcook, same to you and your loved ones!! ♥♥♥