Thursday, February 06, 2014

Lunar New Year Food Diary: Day 2 (Dim Sum Breakfast)

The second day of the Lunar New Year is also known as 'Hoi Nin' (Kai Nian in Mandarin) which literally means the start of the year; signifying that we have already entered into the brand new year. While on the first day things take on a slower motion, the 2nd day seems like a return to the normal daily life but with a bit more excitement.
It is also the day where women who are married return to their maiden homes with their husbands to reunite with her own parents and siblings. It is a typical rule observed by many Chinese households though this has been more relaxed in the modern generation; where mothers-in-law no longer insist that their daughters-in-law can only return home on the second day and there are even some who return on the first day.
I always observe the second day; mainly because my mum told me that it is more courteous and rightful to return only on the second day (yup, it's my own mother, and not my mother-in-law), and also due to the reason that I will need to travel to return to my own home in the capital city.
While I love celebrating with my in-laws (my family too), I do look forward to the second day to celebrate with my family as well.

We enjoyed our dim sum breakfast before we started on our journey at our usual place :-)

My favorite Har Mai (Stuffed shrimp dumplings)

Other dumplings for dim sum 

We embarked on our journey home for more goodies awaiting us....and to yet another reunion meal!
To be continued....(photo laden post coming up soon)...

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