Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bangkok Food Diary: Breakfast at True Coffee

The title sounds a little cliched; with the reference to the famous Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's, but this is nowhere near the theme or even the familiar (and much lusted after) blue label known to women worldwide. Classic movie fans would definitely know what I am talking about.

That does not end the beautiful story we had here, for it was purely by chance and it seems like destiny that we stumbled upon this coffee joint on that rainy morning of our third day in Bangkok.
The morning we met, was the morning I will never forget....

We were there in November, and were forewarned of the unpredictable weather with unexpected rainfall at any time of the day and though it did not dampen our spirits, we were still a little anxious as it rained so heavily that particular morning when we were preparing to start our journey to the famous Chatuchak market (read about it here and here).
We woke up especially early that morning, and was all set to explore the weekend market and had even planned to have breakfast at McDonald's. (There is just this something about traveling to a foreign country and try out the local McDonald's menu, which was said to be customized according to the local culture despite it being an international fast food chain restaurant. This is probably the factor behind this giant fast food chain's evergreen success?)
We traipsed the streets to hunt for the McDonald's outlet nearby but was disappointed to find it closed (sad, why isn't the McDonald's here operating 24-hours?)

There was a sense of letdown in each of our hearts though the blank expressions (probably due to having just woke up) hid it perfectly, and amidst the drizzling rain, we slowly made our way along the streets, hoping to stumble upon any available breakfast place open for business that morning and we will just take it. Our plan of taking that slow walk was quickly dampened by the sudden transition of the soft drizzle to the hard pattering drops of rain from the skies and in a short moment, you find five ladies making a quick beeline, though in scattered pattern to the walkways, to shelter against the harsh weather. It was then that we spotted her, with the romantic lights dimly lit and sending that friendly smile which beamed right at us from the glass windows on which the rain continues to patter on.
Without a word, we knew that this was the place we will go into; it was just like love at first sight when we met this place.

Stepping into the place just brought that sense of familiarity, as though we had known each other for years and there was just something warm and comfortable about the place. The ambiance was cosy and finding a table large enough to fit all of us, we settled down quickly while admiring her simple charms and discovering the beauty within the place.
It was not surprising that this place was already filled with the usual crowd who were sipping away at the coffee or juices, and enjoying that bite while being connected to their loves via their laptops and mobile devices with the free wifi offered here. It was a friendly place, and I was captured by the relaxing ambiance which reminded me of being on vacation, and to just unwind and lay back, forgetting anything else in the world.

Coffee was definitely the main attraction here; and it got me wondering, True Coffee does sound like an interesting name to name a coffee joint. Are they emphasizing on the message that their coffee is more original and genuine? No, in fact, the reason behind the name was just simple and nothing complicated as the founders of this place just want to show their gratitude for the truly hard work and efforts shown by everyone in the team in bringing the best service and products to delight the hearts of their customers. It was just a humble yet warm and meaningful theme which just sounds so enlightening to the ears and enhanced the beauty of this place further.
While I am not a coffee fan, I am always fascinated with the coffee and its magnetic attraction which just seems like a deadly addiction among those who just could not get it out of their daily lives.

A pie

What is a non-coffee fan to drink in a place obviously filled with coffee? She treats me well, for though I was already deeply attracted to her natural charms of her simplicity, she surprises me with a long lost drink which I have yet to find (a good one) anywhere; the Ice-blended Kiwi.
I am insane to drink something cold and ice blended on a cold rainy morning, but I didn't care, I have found this and I am content.

I am TRUE-ly amazed by this place, though they may not serve the best food in the world, there is just this something about the place which just makes her so mesmerizing.
I hate to bid goodbye, but I have to get going on my journey....but I am sure we will meet again?


  1. Ice-blended kiwi! yum!!!! that sounds perfect for a steamy day in Bangkok!

  2. I wonder why they sell their drinks in disposable cups even if you're dining in?

  3. WokandSpoon, Yup...only that was a rainy morning, LOL! :-P
    I didn't care though...:-D

  4. The Yum List, yeah, beats me at times too....but I'm fine with it, I can just grab it and go on my way when I can't finish it ;-)