Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yellow Light

Last Friday, we decided to scout around for a nice place for dinner when suddenly DearDear mentioned about this place in Tanjung Tokong which serves a fusion of Thai and Western food which was recommended by one of his old classmates.
Since we were bored out of wits of our normal dining routine, we decided to give it a try.
It's located along the Mount Erskine area; further up from the cemetery area.
It's one of the mansions/semi-D houses that you need to look out for (converted into a restaurant) and there is no major restaurant sign to tell you from the outside.
Only thing you need to look out for is the yellow light sign...which portrudes a little more like this:)
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So you see, if you come from the side; it's pretty hard to see it...make sure you have an observant passenger next to you or in your car:)
The more the merrier to help you to look out:D
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Another thing to note about this place is the parking space; there's no designated car park and you will have to do some risky parking outside the house premises along the side walk which coincidentally is also the main highway for the Mt Erskine area:p
Unless you are really early, you can park in the house garage area:)
*DearDear parked his car outside coz he wasn't sure whether he's allowed to park inside:p*
You will see a sign leading you to the entrance of the restaurant on the right side of the premises.
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A rather homely environment with a simply interior design...
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Come to think of it, it gives you the Siamese authentic feel:)

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The house has been torn down to give way to the view and there's a breezy air in it because:
1. It's located on the hilly area
2. It was evening; nightfall time...
3. It was drizzling when we were there that night..haha!!

Hmmm...but I think if you were there late at night, it'd be quite dark for the scenery view and also, beware of mosquitoes!:p

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Mirrors on the walls....this is a concept to create a perception that the place is really bigger than what you think...haha!
Mirrors of deception....hehe:p
Concept of design...

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Nice place though; and simple but a tad of Siamese touch to the design:)
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We were served hot Chinese tea upon arrival and soon a young man attended to us.
Oooo...btw, they were dressed in simple Siamese attire as well....hehe:)
He recommended a couple of dishes but none of it sounded Western to me!
Thought it was fusion...hmmmm...
DearDear, it's just a normal Thai Restaurant....nothing special ler:(

Anyway, it's okay, just a Thai restaurant review then...hehe, so if you are expecting any fusion of Western and Thai, uh uh, sorry, it's actually Thai restaurant:D
**Notice that Malaysians do love Siamese food as well; with the number of Thai restaurants in our country and also the influence it had over our local Malay food, and other local cuisines...a neighboring touch:) *
Guess Malaysians are fond of spice and excitement!:D

Okay, enough of talk, now to food...
Sauce for our food...
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First dish, the Kerabu Sotong (RM10)....
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Not bad; but beware of the minced Cili padi!! As you can see, there was a minced mixture of cili padi, garlic and onions....and to top it with the leaves (forgot the name) which gives a nice fragrant smell to it:)
Hosted by small bit and my ears almost flapped like Dumbo!:p

Next, the Fish!
Red snapper steamed in Thai style...RM30 (pretty pricey)
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The fish was served and the waiter slowly poured the hot soup over's just like Tomyam soup; except with a lighter taste:)
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A view of the fish...
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This restaurant is really meticulous with their food; look at the fine slicing and mincing of all their condiment vegetables/ingredients for their main course; all so finely sliced!!
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The fish tasted nice and I must say this is the first time I tried a red snapper which was not overly cooked:)
Also, the Thai soup for the fish was tasty and pleasant:)

The vege; DearDear ordered the Broccoli mixed (RM6) stir-fry style after the 2 spiced dish...just to lighten our tummies up:D
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I must say I was glad too.....
Light for taste and reasonably portioned

Last, DearDear's Pineapple Fried Rice (RM6)...quite pricey and big portion...despite his order and specification for only 1 person...hmmmm!
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Quite oily but again, I am impressed at the finely chopped pineapples, fish cakes, shrimps, and vegetables....
There's also raisins!!
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DearDear said it was so-so only:p

Total bill of RM52 for 2 people...slightly pricey...but maybe because of the 4 dishes and the fish was kinda pricey anyway:p
Not too many customers then..maybe we were early...only a family came after us...
Overall, it's an interesting Thai restaurant too...

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