Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Chilli's Thai Food

Whoa...been some time since I last updated my food blog...I was busy working and got real tired for the last couple of weeks; hence time spent adoring the white boxes of takeaway dinners and gazing at my laptop screen and haven't really gone out much.
I had a couple of major presentations and well, it just took up most of my time...sad.

Anyway, on one of the weekends, we decided to head out for dinner (tired of the food I see everyday at my desk).
We went to this Thai restaurant along a row of old (pre-war) shophouses in Nagore Road.
Very nice and homely feel; and the authentic taste of Baba Nyonya culture....I always have the
thing for all historical stuffs especially the uniqueness of the buildings and designs.
Very nice interior...
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Staircase...lots of old photos....and the typical old wooden staircase
hehe....those that are good for nostalgic or horror movies:p
Creaks on the board when you step on one!
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Look at the amount of rice they stack up for store!!
Must be doing pretty good eh?:)
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Air-conditioned; but tables are limited here....some of the regular customers actually made reservations before coming...
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And now for the food....
We ordered 2 dishes only; since I can't eat much...and it's only 2 of us anyway.
The first; appetizer...Kerabu Sotong.... (English: Squids in kerabu style)
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Wow, this was nice; not too sweet nor too strickeningly sour...just tasty and suit to taste...
The squids were nicely cleaned too and there were strips of tomatoes and onions...
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The 2nd was Steamed Red tomyam style...
2-in-1....tomyam soup and I get my steamed fish as well....not bad oooo :)
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Fish costs about RM26; the Kerabu was about bill about RM37-38 I think for 2 me, it's slightly pricey lar:p
But the cooking and food here is not bad, worth a try:)

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