Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Favourite Kueh

It's the 15th of the month again....I mean the Chinese Lunar calendar...
Every 1st and 15th of the months in the Lunar Calendar is a day of worship and abstinence.
As such, you will see lots of stalls selling flowers; kuehs and in Penang where 90% of the island is Chinese, you will see lots of unique kueh and cakes around such as the rice cakes, mee koo(red tortoise buns), ang koo(glutinous rice cake with bean paste filling), etc.
Since I am a Catholic, how would I know about all these and why the sudden interest, right?
I am a PickyEater, right...and I do have only certain foods which I like and so happen, the stuffs that I really like are pretty rare and can only be found in specific locations and also during certain periods.
Hehe....I think I have mentioned this before in this blog....hehe:)

The part about coming to Penang was with the hope that it should be easier to locate my favourite kueh/cakes....hehe, the little adorable and fluffy cup cakes:)
So, here, specially featured; the little cup cakes which have captured my heart and tastebuds...hehe...
Some people say this is plain and this in fact, is not exactly a favourite among people:p
At one point, some even say this is not good for health; the flour and also the dye on it (supposedly banned:( )
Anyway, I still like its soft cushion-like fluff and it's really nice when it's freshly steamed!

Hehe...get ready for some food porn:p
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Nice ler...so pink:)
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Closer shot...
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So nice...and only 50 cents per piece....:D
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There are also other cup cakes on sale...
This is the egg cup cakes....surprisingly, it smelt like the CNY's Kueh Bangkit...
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Notice the dyed stripes; Mummy used to say that this kueh is for the other world offering. But for deities or happy occasions, Chinese culture always emphasizes on bright colors; particularly red to mark the joy and importance of the occasion.
That's why you see colors on most of the plain-colored cakes; particularly colors like white cup cakes or pale yellow cup cakes (like this).
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Also priced at 50 cents for one....
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And this, is another of my favourite...
The Orange Cup Cakes...yeah, there's orange flavour in it...smells and taste like orange somemore:D
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Those red spots on it are the orange chewy bies....
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Too bad can only get them fortnightly...but maybe it's a good thing...else, will get bored of it:p

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