Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Custard Apple!

Mummy gave me a little fruit from home the last time I was back in KL; we have this tree which bears this fruit; it's a unique fruit called custard apple (buah nona in Malay).
It can be found in most countries; although its origin was said to be of the West Indies and then to West America and Mexico. Then it was brought into Africa, India, the Philippines and Malaya in the early days. They call this the "ugly duckling" in the series of the genus of apples...hahaha....
The scientific name of this fruit is Annona reticulata L.
Not very attractive in appearance, the fruit is pretty small; 3 quarter to 6 and a half inches (8-16cm)in diameter and may appear heart-shaped, lopsided or irregular in shape.
Anyway, you can find out more about this here

And so, I waited patiently for this fruit to ripen and lo behold; after 2-3 days bringing it back here; the fruit starts to soften and ripe to age:)
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This is a very nice and soft tasty fruit; lots of seeds by the way...but it's indeed like its name implies, soft as custard!
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YUMZ.....when will I get my next Custard Apple ler? Boeah Nona:)

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