Thursday, July 05, 2007


After a round of syabu syabu the night before, we were treated to lunch by our host at their cafeteria on the 2nd day(also our last day).
This time I was bolder; decided to ignore the stares; just yanked my camera out of my handbag and snapped pics of the food...
Today they served us Bibimbap; a traditional Korean food which is served with rice and an assortment of vegetables on top of the rice. The unique part is that it is served in a bowl made of mortar which is really hot....
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See, there's a sunny side up of egg there and there's loads of vege; such as bean sprouts,carrot strips, bell pepper strips, leafy vege, some minced meat, etc...

It was already a very big bowl and they still serve us side dishes
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Top Left; some pork ribs; then a slice of pumpkin topped with red dates with honey (unique), their famous pancake(different from those they serve in Malaysia which consists only of flour. This was actually sort of an omelette with vege and shrimps which they call their Korean pancake - forgot the name), a bowl of cold seaweed soup and hot red chilli paste.

After the scrumptious lunch, they served us this drink...(looks like barley to me...I saw this in Namdaemun Market the day before and we thought it was barley drink)
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Tasted was actually rice drink....served with some seeds...
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Tasted like barley also; I guess this has a cooling effect...
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(They served us Korean ginseng tea on the first day....also very nice:)

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