Wednesday, July 18, 2007

La Cabana

There was this new Western style coffee shop located along Burmah Road; after the intersection turning into Transfer Road.
It was called La Cabana; on the same row as Little Cottage which was located further ahead.
Parking is a hassle here as there is no parking area designated....:(
Anyway, we decided to try this place out (it has been opened for some time last year and we always said we wanted to try but didn't :p )
So, there we were that weekend (afternoon...still hazy Penang - that's why chose all the air-conditioned and enclosed space for meals:)
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The interior looks pretty impressive to compete with Little Cottage:)
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Looks pretty conducive and romantic to me:)
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Me...seated at the corner's actually quite a small table...pretty cramped:p
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Stuffs on the table
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Okay, now for the meal starters....
Bread and butter
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Soup....Mushroom soup
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A little diluted...
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I don't really fancy soups anyway...
Finally nicer shots of the soup....sighs!
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The main course...
This is what DearDear ordered...the Grilled Dory Fish in Logan Sauce...
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We were wondering what's so special since it was on the chef's recommendation list...and I was amused by the Logan sauce (one of my colleagues' name is Logen)...and I was thinking of trying it...I couldn't make up my mind anyway...
I thought it was some specialty sauce...
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When it was just LONGANs!! haha....spelling error on menu...
Hmmm...great way to make an impression:p
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This is mine; I finally got to make my decision...and this is the same fish in Sweet Red dates sauce...
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Frankly speaking, nothing special and it tasted suspiciously like the Longan sauce...hmmmm...
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And also, note the fish portion is really thin in texture; such a huge difference from Little Cottage; and this is their promo lunch set...RM18.90!! (One buck cheaper than Little Cottage's range which offers from RM9.90-RM19.90).
My comment; even the RM9.90 set was bigger portion than this!
So not really that special....

Then next, the dessert....
Some pink pudding....
Hosted by was horrible in taste and it smelt like cough syrup...
Actually it tasted like it too....
I pushed it away like a kid.....I couldn't stand it...just one tiny weeny bite and it sent me to push it away cruelly:p
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Tea....tastes even better than the pudding....
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Total bill of about RM37 ( exclusive of tax)...think it was included with the price of the food dy:p

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