Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bento Lunch

On our first day at the host's site, we were treated to a private lunch in their conference room:)
Awaiting us were these nice black lunch boxes:)
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They laughed at me again; I was again too enchanted by the sight of the exterior and not the contents:p
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This is what it holds....
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Rice with 3-4 side dishes:)
**Bento is a lunch box packed with food to go**
Interesting; I already saw fish and prawns:p
Their rice....
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Sticky-like...just like glutinous rice and also those used to make sushi:D

Fried prawn fritters....with lemon slices...
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Saw the pinky stuffs on top; that's salted vege...

This was the pork....Faeqah couldn't take it...and the host had to remove it from her set...
I didn't touch it either....yikes...
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Salmon fish with pickled cucumber on the bottom left
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Very nice lunch:)

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