Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dinner at Chin Kee again

For dinner, we headed off to Chin Kee again...:p
Of course, we ordered their signature sizzling prawn dish!
"Tit pan Har kau"...RM16...
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This is more worth it....look at the amount of prawns...
Sizzling HOT! There's eggs layered beneath it...and the sauce is a combination of sour and spicy...tomato sauce with chilli sauce...hehe; and there's also minced chillies....
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Really nice, and best of all, I don't have to peel the shells off the prawns anymore..haha:D

Next, the Japanese beancurd in ? style..can't remember but it was again with egg mixture...plain but nice... RM8
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Mummy and Daddy were both having this plain ol' dish is good for them:)
It was quite nice actually:D

Our Signature fish (AGAIN!)...RM14....
I was telling my family that this fish should win a award for most-blogged-about fish...
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.comI am going to cease my reviews on it:p
Only thing is...quite oily lar:p

Vege...the Fu Yue Yau Mak...Vege in fermented bean sauce...RM7....
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Not bad...
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Total bill of about RM52 for 5 pax...worth it:)
An old time stall located near the Taman Kok Lian...the Store area....
Not really as classy as modern restaurants; but they serve decent food:)

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