Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dim Sum in Kepong

This is a famous dim sum restaurant in Kepong...hehe, see, Kepong also has its fair share in good food, no joke...actually Kepong was known as a food paradise in KL as well:D
Anyway, this shop was originally from Sg Buloh and shifted over here to Kepong; bringing along their old customers who can travel all the way just for their dim sum...
Expect crowds on weekends; particularly on Sundays....
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We were here at about 8a.m....

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Dim sum served on a tray and you select from there...

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Our selection of choices:)

Daddy' favourite Pork Ribs with sauce...
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Fish rolls wrapped in beancurd sheet
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Meat rolls...something like Siew Mai

Prawn dumplings..Har Gao...
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Ooo...this is one of my favourite Har Gao as well...
Uniquely made and an authentic tasting har gao...hard to find these days:D

My favourite Fish Balls....nowhere can beat this place yet for my vote for fishballs:)
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Fishy and just so nice...not just an ordinary fishball; but all a FISH taste:)

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A view of their dim sum at the front of their shop....
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Customers in the shop...

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Fried Bean sheet rolls.

Total bill of RM27; I am not sure about the individual prices...hehe:)
But a nice place for dim sum; if you don't mind noisy places...
I get a little scared of rowdy people and also the way they speak sometimes:p


  1. hi... I m frm Kepong too... May i knw where is this shop located?

  2. Anonymous7:28 PM


    I stay nearby too. Where's the exact location.