Thursday, July 05, 2007

Chin Kee's Tai Chow

One of the random food post I have when I was back in KL....
I missed Malaysia....
Today I am featuring this particular food stall...not any fancy restaurant that my family and I used to frequent since we don't really go there anymore...only like on rare occasions do we go there...
It's a roadside stall (I think it's not as clean or presentable as the modern day bistros or cafes)'s near the Taman Cuepacs area...near The Store supermarket...
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The stall...still the same 10 years ago...
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Since we were there on a Sunday, they serve barley!!
I want extra barley please....:D
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Jia Er gives me much more...*pouts:p

Our old-time favourite....Kangkung Belacan:D
Water convulvus cooked in shrimp paste with red chillies:D
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It's different here...the fragrance is nice.....and not overly spicy
(I am not a person who can take spicy food, so when i said it's ok, it's really good:)
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Close up view

And next, this is one of their signature dishes....I bet you can't find this anywhere else (even if you do, it's not as good as theirs)
The Sizzling Prawns in pan ( Tit Pan Har kao)
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My uncle from Penang tried this once and could never forget it....
He searched high and low on the island but not as nice...
whenever he's in KL, he will ask for it...:D
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Sizzling....ssss!!!Nice....covered with eggs and it's actually sweet, sour and spicy sauce combination:)

Diverted from our normal 3 combination, we tried this Sambal Squids.....
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Nice too...(I love squids:)
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Spread on the table....costs about RM34 for this....
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