Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Prawn wanton and Chicken Hor Fun @TK Chong

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The name of this shop somehow reminded me of my ex-boss from my first job, and yet they had nothing in common nor are they related besides the similarity of surname and the first name.
This shop offers Chinese hawker delight; the famous Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun and also prawn wantons.

Those who are working in Damansara Perdana may be familiar with this place, and for me, I chanced upon this place when I was in the area and I found it to be packed during the peak lunch hour compared to the neighboring coffee shops.
Well, when there is a crowd, it must be good right? After all, why would people flock to this shop instead of the neighbors?

So, we walked into the shop to see what they had to offer.
They sell the Ipoh-style Chicken Hor Fun (flat rice noodles) and also prawn wantons
(Ipoh is a capital town of Perak, one of the states in the Northern region of Malaysia and is famous for food as well, like Penang)

Shredded chicken and prawns with the Hor Fun in soup (RM6 for small, RM8 for big - I think)
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It was a rather big bowl filled with the flat rice noodles in tasty soup, with plenty of spring onions, fried shallots, chicken shreds and sliced prawns.

If you are not interested in the soup version, the same thing is available in the dry version with gravy.
Dry Hor Fun with shredded Chicken and prawns
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Somehow the dry version makes the loads of hor fun rather apparent compared to the chicken and prawn slices and there were no spring onion garnishing like the soup.

Additional orders/side dishes:
Stir-fried bean sprouts (RM4.50 ~ USD$1.50)
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This is plain and simple dish that cannot go wrong; furthermore with a light sprinkle of oyster sauce.
I love the big fat juicy bean sprouts, and it's so hard to find them in the city (mostly found in Ipoh).

Of course, I must have the Prawn wantons; I am a fan of them and they can be hard to come by (although I have recently found a few available in the city!)
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I was a little disappointed with the prawn wantons, honestly, as they were really small and it was a really small biteful of prawns in it.
They are really stingy with the prawns inside the wanton, and the types I like ought to be filled with big juicy and fresh prawns bursting with flavor, but this, sorry to say so, is just not the type I like:(
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Food was not too bad, and the service, well, it would be prompt if you ask for the Chinese lady boss who was more attentive to our orders compared to her staff.
Price wise, it was still reasonable, but the food quality is not simply one I would sing praises for.
Then again, it's me and my personal tastes, and I can be picky sometimes:)


  1. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Your posts are really making me want to change my vacation plans. Yum!

  2. You are so lucky eating this kind food as fast food. Living in the US this is something we miss. I go to Taiwan once a year, and we totally enjoy eating fast and inexpensive food like this! SO YUMMY!

  3. Everything looks so delicious. I want to come along and try all these foods!

  4. These dishes look delicious filled with fish, chicken, noodles and vegetables. You've taken some nice photos here, I hope you enjoyed your meal;-)

  5. I love making Ipoh hor fun at home coz the prawns we get in Sydney is so fresh, I feel it's even better than the ones off the streets in Malaysia :) :)

  6. I love Chinese cuisine, especially prawn wanton and chicken Hor Fun, this is the reason that I choose to go to Ipoh and Penang every time I come to Malaysia.

  7. I often do the same: go where it's crowded. Unfortunately it doesn't always work... Usually it means it's not expensive, but the taste is not always there. As you say, sometimes the regular clients are not as picky as we are ;-)

  8. Oh the soup noodles look soooo yummy! I have not gone back to Taiwan ever since we moved to Houston, and there are a few decent restaurants here to serve good soup noodle, but I am sure nothing compare to authentic ones from their native lands! Loved your posting and made my mouth water!