Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Breakfast with Daddy @ Double 7

Double 7 is this corner restaurant located in Sri Bintang which needs no introduction anymore in my blog.
I have talked about them in my previous Siu Chow experiences with my family here but this round, I am going to share some of the local hawker delights which can be found here in the morning.
**However, since it's not a huge party of people having breakfast, I am only sharing on the limited food we had that morning:) **

Double 7 is home to hawker stalls selling Prawn Mee, Popiah, Fishball Noodles, Wantan Mee, Jawa Mee, Laksa, Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak, Claypot Yee Mee and a low-scale Siu Chow in the morning.
Although they had to face competition from 3 other cornerside coffee shops, this place was somehow packed with the local residents as well.

I rarely go for hawker food for my breakfast but in Kepong, there is so much variety of hawker delights and also to accompany dear Daddy, I am more than happy to join him for breakfast:)

The thing about this place is they hire a number of foreign workers from Vietnam and Myanmar and goodness knows where else. Communication is NOT a big problem; or so I thought when I ordered a glass of warm barley drink and I requested for more barley grains (as usual *Grins*)

And this is what I got
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I think she did understand that I wanted something more than just plain barley....
So she took one step further and made me barley with foo chok (bean curd sheets) - at least she tried telling me that she made my barley drink...well, a little more dense than the normal barley drink!
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Ermmmm....not exactly what I had in mind, especially when I am not a fan of foo chook...awww...too bad, right?
But frankly, this drink at RM1.20, was not as bad as I thought:)
Surprisingly, I even found myself enjoying it (take the concept of foo chook out temporarily out of the picture).
It may be an amateur's effort in making this drink, but somehow the drink was rather well-blended in its taste and you could barely make out that there were huge chunks of foo chook thrown in during the process.
It was a smooth taste, didn't I mention it was well-blended?

So, if you wanted a different taste of barley, try looking for a foreign worker and use a few more words tagged with the word barley, and you might be in for a surprise *Winks*

Knowing I am a popiah lover, I had a treat to trying the popiah here.
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I can't remember the exact price, but definitely within the normal range of RM1.50-Rm1.60
Not too bad, and they had those crunchy thingy which I believed were crackers deep fried to compliment the soft texture of popiah rolls.
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It's not a bad idea and I'm sure everyone loved the crunchy condiments (I know Mimi and Jackson did anyway:)
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The Prawn mee here is sold by a Penangite who migrated to KL years ago.
He can still speak fluent Hokkien (a Chinese local dialect popularly spoken in Penang) you can still try ordering in Hokkien from him (if you can speak Hokkien:)
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A rather talkative and friendly guy, he is often seen in a cap and in a white shirt, probably sitting at a table near his stall, hobnobbing with some of his regular customers:D
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His Prawn Mee? Not too bad...but definitely not what you're looking for if you want real Penang Hokkien Mee lar...after all, that's the reason they have different names, right?
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Just normal Prawn noodles where you can find anywhere, and not some about-to-be-famous Penang Prawn noodles;)

The same guy sells Fish Ball noodles as well; or fish paste as well.
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Cooked in clear soup, it was a rather plain tasting option for a first meal in the morning
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And the green vegetables were crunchy enough and there were fresh red tomatoes to give you that healthy meal you want, and it's only about RM3.70 (for extra fishballs I think)
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Food may be on the average, but the quality time with daddy was priceless!~
And I apologize for the poor quality of the pics though, it was taken with my phone:p


  1. Yeah~ grabbed the first seat... phew~

    speaking of popiah, i remember the crispy popiah i used to find at the morning market, not those fried type, is that with something inside the popiah makes it crispy~

    woah! miss that..

  2. good popiah is excellent! my fav ones are made in Ipoh! haha ;D

  3. Hie kaiba, hehee...what first seat? You meant the first to comment?:D
    Oooo...yeah, then you're the 3rd person to the list who likes the crispy crackers inside the popiah:D

  4. hi cumi&ciki, aiks, I happened to have a bad experience with had meat in them I I still prefer Penang popiah...hehe:D

  5. haha! i wonder who are the first and second.

    correct me if i'm wrong, popiah with meat in it only found around penang area right?

  6. Yum, I love popiah too and once had a popiah party at my house. That prawn mee sure looks good :D

  7. hahahaha...--kaiba--, you're hilarious:p
    Hmmm...I don't know...from my experience, I found the one with meat in it in Ipoh.
    In Penang, the popiah are meat-free, pretty harmless....vege-biased:D
    That's why I love it!~;)

  8. shionge, hehehe....everyone loves popiah....maybe they should make it into a movie or something...hahah, like Everybody Loves Raymond;)